For Companies interested in adopting the Douglass, Decentralized OS

The Douglass decentralized OS introduces a new paradigm in computing that furthers our commitment to the Douglass Community as envisioned by Dr. King.

The technology ensures privacy, security, and resilience while giving end users greater control over their participation in the decentralized network.

As a DCL-compliant company, your customers will know that you are both actively contributing toward the realization of the Beloved Community.

Benefits of adopting the Douglass Decentralized OS

Reduce IT overhead and support headaches by increasing data security & system resiliency.

Replace current cloud-based IT with a decentralized network for global operations and workforce support.

Help European companies comply with GDPR legislation.

Provide new mechanisms for content distribution to customers.

Enable service offerings and reselling opportunities in enterprise markets with Douglass servers and software, including the Freedom Train Blockchain.

Work toward Corporate Social Responsibility goals through participation in the Beloved Community.

For Technologists interested in Developing for the Douglass Platform

Developers who choose to work with Douglass will contribute to a growing body of DCL-certified code, which ensures that your code can’t be repurposed to develop products or services that support violence, surveillance, and incarceration.

As DCL-compliant technology partner, you signal to your customers that you actively promote the values of the Beloved Community.

Benefits of developing for Douglass

Be part of a vibrant community creating a new computing paradigm with the goal of positive social change.

Access a new, state-of-the-art programming language and computational platform with potential for breakthrough applications that address critical social, environmental, and economic challenges.

Opportunity to create new markets and offers that reach typically underserved customers.

Contribute to a more just and equitable world.

Alternatives to the DCL

We recognize that the DCL isn’t for everyone and suggest these alternatives for those who don’t resonate with our intents.

Some of those include:

The GNU General Public License

The MIT License from the Open Source Initiative

Apache License

Learn more about the DCL if you want to support more humane technology.

For more information contact:

Declare your support and action for the Beloved Community

How does Douglass impact the world?

  • Douglass leads the next computing revolution — First, the PC Revolution. Second, the Internet Revolution. Third, the Mobile Revolution. Now, the Decentralization Revolution.
  • Douglass transforms the experience of worldwide marginalized communities from survival to thriving empowerment.
  • Douglass empowers these communities to define goals, act on them, see their vision become reality, and live in this new place.
  • Douglass creates common ground, re-envisions public policy, and reinvents deliberative democracy.
  • Douglass emphasizes inclusiveness — moving the spirit of the Civil Rights Movement forward.