We are proud to announce the "Alpha" release of the Mac version of the Douglass Browser.

The Douglass decentralized OS and Browser introduces a new paradigm in computing that furthers our commitment to the Beloved Community as envisioned by Dr. King.

The Douglass OS and The Douglass Browser are powered by the Ida Decentralized protocol.

Learn more about the BCL if you want to support more humane technology.

For more information contact: frederick@douglass.io

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Douglass Browser Features Coming Soon.

  • No Ads
  • Sojourner - The Douglass Browser will include Sojourner a Decentralized Messaging service. Sojourner is named in Honor of Sojourner Truth.
  • Ida - The Douglass Browser includes a decentralized protocol "Ida".
  • Ida is named in honor of Ida B Wells.
  • Decentralized File Sharing - Secure Private Decentralized file sharing.
  • Decentralized websites - Create and host decentralized websites from your Douglass Device on your Computer.
  • Douglass Decentralized App Store - Easily Develop and distribute decentralized applications.
  • Tubman - Is a Read Write News Reader. Easy to use social RSS feed reader that gives members the ability to read and share news items with followers. Tubman is named in Honor of Harriett Tubman
  • Notes - A Zero Knowledge collaborative document editor.
  • Douglass Calls - Peer to Peer video calls.
  • Freedomtrain - Douglass Blockchain platform
  • Woods A.I. - Decentralized Artificial Intelligence aligned with the BCL and The Pledge. Woods in named in honor of Grainville Woods.
  • Non Tracking Search Engine - The Douglass Search engine does not store any information about users and their activities
  • Eve Application Development Environment
  • Douglass Crypto Currency Wallet

When using Douglass Applications and services be mindful that you are in alignment with the Beloved Community Pledge.

The Beloved Community Pledge

  1. I recognize the humanity of the multitudes who are oppressed, persecuted, incarcerated and in struggle.
  2. I declare that violence, poverty, racism, sexism, incarceration, surveillance, militarism and environmental destruction cannot persist.
  3. I recognize that reparations and atonement are part of a needed healing process for shared humanity.
  4. I pursue a world of freedom, spirituality and fulfillment for all.
  5. I make change through nonviolence and radical love for all people and for our sacred planet.
  6. I commit to the inspired change needed to create a more humanely just and coherent future.
  7. I commit to becoming aware of those forces that seek to undermine the Beloved Community.
  8. I will use (and build) only technology which is aligned with this pledge.

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The Beloved Community License is an Nonviolent Software and Hardware License that has been created out of Love, Peace, and Purpose.